Toronto Bagel Bash Attendees

A very incomplete list of those who have been to a Bash

Alan Hahn (
Amanda Cook
Anne-Marie Hansen
Arlynn Poczynek (
Brian Erdelyi (
Brian Pagniello (
Christine Heathers
Claire Freeman
Colin Wright (
Cyndy Kirmaier
Dave Bateson
David Freeman
David Glover
Deanna Korchuk
Dennis Tenn (
Derek Keoughan ( (
Ditte Braun (Care of
Don Marcotte
Elliott Chapin
Elton Woo (
Fred Zess (
Gary Fowler (
Ivan Vestergaard (
Jack Wynberg (">)
James Knott (
Janet Gobeille Crenshaw (
Jay Schwartz (
Jeremy Cook
Joe Da Silva
John Laing ( (
Jude Pereira (
Judy Duke (
Kristine Sisson
Lisa Trepanier
Marc Wilson (
Marian Kutarna c/o (
Marshall Shapiro
Mary Glover
Michele Gilliland (
Moose Neilsen (
Morris Oliver
Pat Harvry (
Patrick Vale (
Paul Sheppard (
Peter Hansen ( (
Phillip Cook
Roger Vestergaard - e-mail: c/o ( (mother)
Russell Anderson (
Scott Allen (
Stephen Dawson (
Stewart Sinclair
Tamara Hartford
Terry Hamilton
Thomas Buck (
Thomas Koschate
Walter Eisenbeis (
Robert Fielder (

I apologize to all whose names do not appear here. Please send me email, with your name and when you were here (roughly), and I will add you to the list.

Each of the names can be a link to another WWW page. If you have a home page, please email me the URL.

If you would like additional details (a resume, etc) linked to your name, that can be added. Please email me the details.

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