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Why a Let's Dance! List?

Let's Dance! is a list of County & Western dance events in southern Ontario.

When I started going to dances, I realized that I was missing some of the dances in this area. My solution was to list the dances as I found out about them. Not too long after that, I had the the bright idea that other people might also like to know about upcomming dances. That was the start of publishing the Let's Dance! list.

How often is Let's Dance! updated?
The list is updated whenever I find out about a new dance.
Updates to the online version happen at least once a week.
The printed version is published once a week.

At this time, I maintain the list in my word processor (DeScribe).

By using this Web page, I will be able to present a properly formatted version to all.

If you would like a copy or are planning a dance, please leave me email!

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