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Please send new listings to:

Please include:

  • Date
  • Location - name of facility, address including city and province/state
  • Name of event
  • Ticket cost
  • Hours of event
  • Contact - name, phone number, email address, web site
  • Other relevant information
Please note that the we retain the right to:
  • decide which events will be added to the list (usually based on location)
  • reformat event listings
The goal is to list all events at all times, that someone living in this part of Ontario might be interested in attending.

The primary focus for the Let's Dance! list is dance events in Ontario, Canada, or events of interest to dancers from Ontario.

An "Event" is defined as something that happens once a month or less often.
This does not include weekly dances or classes. There are other places to list such items.
One such place to list weekly classes is Vivienne Scott's Stay In Line web site at:

Let's Dance! is both a paper publication, and an electronic publication.

The paper version is printed and distributed weekly, to all events, dancers, and instructors we have access to.

The paper version is published on Wednesday. New events and changes must be received by Tuesday to be included.

The electronic version is updated as information is received and as time permits.

Please email comments or queries to Robert Fielder at [ robert@coolcountrynights.com ]
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